Healing Fibro: Getting the Real Scoop

It is unfortunate that many of you that have fibromyalgia are suffering not only from pain and fatigue but from an enormous amount of misinformation.  Research is wonderful and I have always said that with fibromyalgia, “Knowledge is Power”, but it must be the correct type of research and come from reputable sources. It must be accurate, truthful and not filled with hype.  Unfortunately, some of the fibro information on the internet is either confusing or totally misleading.  Sometimes it can be downright deceitful.  There are even sites that promise some miracle cure with a certain type of treatment that will take all your fibro symptoms away.  Please trust me when I say that there is no such magic treatment and if there was, I would be performing it on my patients and the waiting list for an appointment at our Functional Integrative Therapeutics health center would be years instead of weeks.  Other sites may claim that one specific vitamin or herb is going to do it all and be the magic that suddenly helps your fibro vanish.  These claims both anger and sadden me because so many people who are desperately seeking relief from their symptoms become duped and fall prey.  The worst thing about these types of untruthful claims is not just with the loss of some money the people spend on them but more in the hopes that are shattered and the high expectations that never happen.  I often see these disillusioned fibro patients on the rebound in my office after they have tried many “magic bullet” type cures.  They are discouraged, depressed and unfortunately doubtful that anything will ever work.  Some are at their wits end and are about to just give up any hope at all for finding a way to manage their fibro.

sick-in-bed-fibroI need to stress the point that fibromyalgia can be helped.  When people with fibromyalgia understand exactly what they need to do, they can improve greatly. When they understand the truth about fibro and not the hype, much healing can be achieved.  As many of our readers are aware, I myself developed fibromyalgia 15 years ago, so I understand this condition on both a personal level as well as a health care provider.  Most of my own fibromyalgia symptoms are now gone because of specific changes I have made in my life that my years of research taught me to do. The numerous patients I have examined, counseled and treated with fibromyalgia have also given me a tremendous insight and reinforced what helps and what doesn’t. The patients that respond the best are the ones that are positive, determined, motivated and hopeful.  They are able to adhere to the recommendations that we, as a team, decide upon and improvement inevitably follows.  Those fibro patients that feel fear, confusion and a sense of hopelessness are more difficult to manage but I always accept the challenge and find it a labor of love.

If you are one of the unfortunate fibro sufferers who has tried many different products, cures, remedies to get relief and feel like giving up, please don’t.  Please do yourself a favor and consider taking a fresh look at your condition.  Realize that the innate power within your own body is more than capable of helping balance out those neurochemicals that are causing most of your fibro symptoms.  You just need the right mind set and the right information to get you started on the road to recovery. 

You need to believe that, being armed with correct information, you can become your own self advocate and you can heal.