Functional Integrative Therapeutics can help people improve and manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Dr. Mark Guariglia DC, CFMP has been helping Fibromyalgia patients at his FibroCare Center since 1996. His integrative approach helps patients achieve a better level of understanding and management of their condition.

Most of the patients that we have seen have been through the typical medical approach and have been treated solely for symptoms. Often this involves one doctor for one symptom and another doctor for another. It’s unfortunate that they never seem to find one health advocate that has been able to put their whole unique story together and come up with an approach to help them find wellness. Here at FIT, patients will find a much different experience in the specific, personalized guidance designed just for their individual findings and needs. The approach used is based on a functional analysis and is comprehensive in nature. With fibromyalgia, one size does not fit all. There are many variables and causative factors that come into play when someone becomes ill. Unfortunately, conventional thinking has mostly been treating the downstream effects and not looking upstream to discover the cause.

We use science based objective testing, clinical nutrition, exercise physiology, stress reduction and life style changes in order to achieve optimal results.

In the many years that we have been helping our Fibromyalgia patients, we have found an obvious truth; patients are often sick and tired of being on that proverbial “medical treadmill.” They are frustrated with the lack of relief and understanding that they have received. Often after months or even years, they realize that there must be a different way to get help. They don’t want the side effects of the medications while still suffering from the pain and they don’t want to be bounced around from doctor to doctor anymore. These are the types of patients that most often seek our care. We offer a different approach that is natural and integrative.

Why you should shift your mindset with symptoms of fibromyalgia

We are committed to assisting you each and every step of the way and will help keep you encouraged and motivated. We realize the pain of fibromyalgia and we take that fact under serious consideration. When patients partner with us, we become a team in building toward a common goal of improved overall health.

Receive Dr. Guariglia’s personal guidance and completely customized care, as well as…

Patients will be provided with all the necessary equipment and supplies depending on what is best for their particular needs. These may include books specifically chosen because of their relevance to your personal experiences and symptoms, CDs, therapeutic tools, website memberships and more.

As with all the patients who come to FIT, conventional blood work is often used as an initial diagnostic tool. This is often covered by insurance, however, if any additional functional testing is necessary, that is considered an uncovered expense and is the patient’s responsibility. Other non-covered expenses that may be incurred by the patient include any nutraceuticals, herbs or homeopathic remedies.

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“Dr. Mark saved my life!

After dealing with doctors who didn’t have knowledge of Fibro, didn’t have answers for my Fibro or just didn’t care, I had one consultation with Dr. Mark and my symptoms became almost obsolete. He listened to me, he understood my needs, sympathized with my pain and gave me a holistic answer where modern drugs had failed miserably. In just days, my life turned around. I recommend Dr. Mark to anyone who needs special Fibro care!”

Jodi S.