“I feel like I was living somewhere where no one spoke the language I spoke & finally someone not only understood what I was saying, they also cared about what I was saying & spoke my language to respond & help me!! I am so excited to begin my transforming journey from pain & suffering to strength & living life to the fullest!!!”

Kathy S. N.

“The only doctor to seem to actually care and REALLY listen to me. He even went well past our allotted time, in order to go over everything I wanted to talk about! Thank you”

Laura S. L.

“The one and only for me! Dr. G is awesome. He is the only chiropractor for me!!!”

Kathleen G. G.

“Dr. G helped me get my life back from this blasted disease.”

Kristen M. B.

“I worked with Dr Mark on the International Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign for about 4 months. I have never found a more giving,knowledgeable doctor. He has helped me through messaging on a lot of my physical and emotional needs. I am a 17 year survivor of FM.”


“Dr. Mark Guariglia has helped me understand my symptoms and why they happen to me. Functional Integrative Therapeutics is NOT the place to go if you want your doc to whip out a prescription pad and just advise you to take something twice a day to be comfortable. Dr. Mark educates you about the causes of your symptoms and helps you take steps to address the issue “up river” to not only relieve your immediate trouble but to make you a healthier person over-all. This is not one-size-fits-all medicine. His patients are individuals and he knows that we all have different sensitivities, but his experience helps to determine likely outcomes. You can bet that if it’s bothering you, he’s probably seen it before. His tools for developing my treatment plan included analysis of my medical history and detailed lab test results, chiropractic techniques, nutritional advice, counseling about my condition and lifestyle modification. His personalized approach has extended beyond the exam room with calls and emails to find out how I’m doing – and for someone who suffers from health related anxiety – his caring and knowledgeable attention is just what I need. Thank you doctor Mark. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Lisa M.