6 Keys to Healthy Weight Loss


1. Detox First
Many of the toxins in our bodies are stored in body fat. Research shows that when we lose fat, these toxins are released back into circulation and may cause negative symptoms, health problems and may make it more difficult to lose weight. Therefore, a natural cleanse or detoxification program is essential for healthy weight loss. When done properly, most people will experience:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced cravings for sweets and other junk foods
  • An overall feeling of enhanced wellness

A 14 to 21 day detox program tunes up the metabolism and helps make successful weight loss easier.

2. Eliminate Problem Foods
Certain foods cause hormonal imbalances that drive overeating, food cravings and inflammation, making it almost impossible to lose fat. Eliminating these foods can make all the difference in your ability to successfully lose fat and keep it off. Refined carbohydrates and sugar are some of the biggest problem foods, while gluten and dairy are also major offenders. If you eliminate these foods during the detox phase, it is best to continue to keep them out of your diet. You’ll feel better, have more energy and lose fat much more easily.

Lose the problem foods; lose the fat. It’s the one time in life when lose-lose is really a win-win.


3. Never Miss Breakfast
Research shows that eating processed or sugary foods for breakfast – like muffins, bagels, pancakes or even most breakfast cereals – can lead you to overeat later int he day. This may also wreak havoc on your blood sugar and sap your energy levels, causing you to crave sweets and making it almost impossible to stay on a weight loss program. Thus, it is vital to eat a quality breakfast every day and make sure it is high in protein and low in refined carbs. Also, be sure to avoid processed foods and cereals.

Breakfast is the perfect time to have a protein shake to obtain the protein and micronutrients you need without a lot of calories.

4. Eat Real Food 3 to 5 times Daily
Processed foods act like sugar in the body, often providing excelss calories that are quickly absorbed and more likely to be stored as fat. So eat minimally processed, real food, and follow these guidelines:

  • Have small frequent meals
  • Consume protein with each meal
  • Eat quality carbs; not necessarily low carbs
  • Consume quality oils; not low fat
  • Try a “paleo” style diet consisting mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture-raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots and nuts. This diet excludes the most common problem foods, such as grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar and processed oils.

    A paleo diet is excellent for losing fat and maintaining muscle.

5. Use Natural Products to Support Quality Nutrition Intake
Protein shakes are an easy way to get quality nutrition quickly, without a lot of calories. Have a protein shake to fill in at breakfast, whenever you don’t have time to eat right, or after exercise to support muscle building and maintenance. Other supplements can help kick-start your metabolism and help you burn fat. Ask your practitioner which supplements are right for you.

The right supplements or protein shake can kick-start your metabolism and make it easier for you to get quality nutrition without a lot of calories.

6. Exercise to Boost Your Metabolism
Physical activity is essential if you want to lose weight and keep it off. It increases muscle metabolism, helping your body burn more calories, even at rest. Exercise also helps eliminate toxins, which can cause you to become resistant to fat loss. And physical activity makes you look better and feel better, too.

  • Walking helps strengthen and tone the major muscle groups
  • Resistance exercise increases muscle and muscle burns calories, so adding some resistance training to your program is recommended
  • Interval training is often considered to be the most effective exercise for overall health, fitness and fat loss.

Find an activity you can do regularly, and make it a permanent part of your lifestyle.